Pearl milk tea has long been a familiar drink of all ages, especially young people today but not only in Vietnam, but also countries in Asia and Europe. However few of us actually knows the origin of this tea.


Pearl milk tea originated from Taiwan. In the 1980s, pearl milk tea was presented by a tea house owner in Taichung, who wanted to test the sweet pearls in the drinks, to his guests at a meeting. And from then on, pearl milk tea has become a specialty of Taiwan. Pearl milk tea is a diverse and creative drink. The way to make pearl tea is not fixed, in each tea shop different people have different ways of mixing their drinks.

Although not the first in Vietnam, Chago tea and Caf’e will give you a fresh feeling when enjoying a glass of milk tea with its bold natural tea, and blended taste of Milk and pearls which is the soul of this milk tea. In recent years, Vietnamese delicacies have been brewed by bartenders for more unique and colorful flavors, attracting customers with various colors for their delectable milk tea topping menus. These varied colours and textures will lure you in to try these wonderful and tasty drinks…

The Vietnamese people have infused their own twist and tastes into the bubble tea phenomenon which will delight not only your taste buds but other senses, with the many colours and taste of the pearls and toppings.


If you have the opportunity to visit Saigon, please dont miss the chance to try this wonderful drink.

The next post, will introduce to you the varied toppings of Vietnamese bubble milk tea…thanks for reading…..

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