Chè is traditional Vietnamese dessert or sweet soup, colloquially known as the three color drink or chè ba mau. In my kitchen chè are hand-crafted using a variety of fresh unique made-from-scratch ingredients.Coconut, pandan leaf, basil seed, tapioca…  that go into chè can be broken down into categories of beans, fruit and jellies. Some ingredients may be daunting at first (like basil seed and seaweed) but when mixed with our secret ingredients bánh lọt (pandan jelly), hạt lựu (pink tapioca with chestnut seed ) and fresh coconut milk, it can become an addiction. The variety of chè is endless and mixing of these ingredients is encouraged. It is rare that two chè concoctions are exactly alike. Chè is enjoyed in any kind of weather and provides a nutritious boost for the day. Sometime its was fun and joy to eat chè,.

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